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1st Way Pregnancy Resource Center is a charitable organization that provides food, clothing, diapers, parenting, education, support groups, counseling, and other resources to pregnant mothers and families in need.

Working with an existing logo, in 2020 I designed a unique set of templates and posts that 1st Way could use to advertise its events and services.

Copy of Respect Life.png
1st Way Email Header.png

The 1st Way online brand needed to be simple enough to be easily replicated on Canva using stock images. The Facebook/Instagram post design features three interlocking square frames in different colors, with 1st Way's sun logo at the top. The sun is echoed in the bright, happy beams that outline the babies' faces, as well as in the soft, swooping letterforms of the Playlist script font. 


Giving Tuesday is one of the most important fundraising days of the year for non-profits. To help 1st Way stand out, this design features bold use of two of Giving Tuesday's main brand colors. The "Giving Tuesday" logo is clearly placed across the top, with the sun logo featured just as prominently. When accompanied by images highlighting the good 1st Way does for the community, this design is made to keep and hold viewers' attention.  

Respect Life (1).png

An earlier draft of the final social media post design, these images for 1st Way's "Respect Life" campaign highlight the joy of children.

1stWayServicesStatementPost (2).png

Initial post design drafts relied heavily on the use of the yellow from the sun logo. While these designs to include framing elements similar to the final brand, the white space and additional blue elements give posts a softer, brighter touch.

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